Category6 Patch Panel


Meets ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 Category 6 requirements
Meets TIA/EIA TSB-40
Meets ISO/IEC Generic Cabling Standard 11801:2002 ed.2.0
Meets CENELEC Generic Cabling Standard EN50173 – 1:2002
Meets EN 50173-1 specification


19" standard size for mounting in racks and cabinets
This patch panel is designed for 22-26 AWG solid conductors
Height: 1U (24 ports), 2U (48 ports)


Housing: ABS 94V-0
PCB: FR-4 1.6 mm (0.06") thick, 2 layers
Contacts: 0.35 mm (0.014") phosphor bronze with 1.27 micron (50
micro inches) gold plated contact area
Metal housing: 1.6 mm (0.06") thick metal

Construction Characteristic
  • Modern design and mounting simplicity
  • Color marking of conductors according to T568B and T568A
  • Numeral marking of ports on the front side of the panel
  • Color and numeral marking of IDC modules on the rear side
  • IDC Dual contacts provide minimal crosstalk
  • 110 type punch down tool is used for cable termination
  • LCI Lighting Cable Identification Technology for saving cost and time on cable identification job (LED Patch Panel Only)
  • Two LED statuses (Green/Red) for identifying on-line or off-line to check connectivity to active device (LED Patch Panel Only)

Electrical Characteristic

  According to UL1863
  Current rating: 1.5A Max.
  Voltage rating: 150V
  Contact Resistance: 20MΩ
  Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ
  Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000V AC RMS, 60Hz/1min
Ordering Information

i-Net Networks Patch Panel Category6 Unshielded LED Dual IDC 24 Port
UL—Unshielded LED Dual IDC, US—Unshielded Std. Dual IDC, SS—Shielded Std. Dual IDC,
KU—Keystone Unloaded,KL—Keystone Loaded
24—24 Port, 48—48 Port