Fiber Optic Armored Multi Loose Tube Cable

Meets EIA/TIA-455 and EIA/TIA FOTP 82B
Meets IEC- 60794 and IEC-60794-1-F5
Optical characteristics meets ISO/IEC 11801
Meets IEC 60332-1 fire safety standard
2–Armored band
4– Polymer tape
6–Fiber optic
7-Main load-bearing element

Fiber Optic Cable,Single Loose Tube,24-288 fibers
Waterproof steel armored band,
General purpose LAN cable for Indoor and Outdoor
Campus backbone and building riser cabling
Inter/Intra-building underground cabling

Conductive material: optical fiber 9/125µ, 50/125µ, 62.5/125µ
Fiber insulation: Polybutylene Terephthalate module (loose tube)
Armoring and waterproofing: Water proofing Tape
Filler:Thixotropic gel protects from water corrugation
Outer sheathing: UV-resistant polyethylene
Armor: corrugated steel band
Central Strength member:dieletric load-bearing element
   Technical Characteristic

Fiber diameter
125 ± 1μm
Crushing force
3000 N/cm
The insulated fiber diameter
242 ± 7μm
Repeated impact resistance
N = 20
Fiber jacket diameter
2.1 mm (0.08")
RFlexing resistance
25 cycles
Cable outer diameter
14/15.7/16.8/18.9/21.5 mm
Cabling temperature
-20°C – +70°C (-4°F – +158°F)
Fiber jacket tensile strength
1.3-8.9 N
Operation temperature
-40°C – +75°C (-40°F – +167°F)
Fiber jacket out-of-roundness
1% or less
Storage temperature
-40°C – +75°C (-40°F – +167°F)
Tension force (cabling)
3000 N
Weight of 1 km of cable
75~150 kg (165.34~330.69 lbs)
Tension force (operation)
1000 N
Standard bunch
1000 m (3280.84 ft)
Ordering Information

i-Net Networks Riser Cable Armored Multi Loose Tube Multimode 50/125µ 24 Core Non LSZH
i-Net Networks Riser Cable Armored Multi Loose Tube Multimode 50/125µ 24 Core LSZH
50—Multimode 50/125µ, 62—Multimode 62.5/125µ, 09—Singlemode 9/125µ
024—24Core, 048—48Core, 096—96Core, 144 —144Core, 192—192Core, 240-24Core,288-288Core